The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform required mobile offices to reach prospective claimants who did not have a chance to lodge their land claims during the first window of opportunity created by government. South Africa’s government reopened the lodgement of land claims and required land reform mobile offices to reach communities who are not within the proximity of the Department’s fixed offices and often can’t afford transport to offices in bigger towns.


Mobile Processing Solutions provided the client with six land reform mobile offices, including two 4×4 trucks, as well as turn-key operations, management and maintenance of the project. The mobile units, with five one-on-one workstations in the bigger units and three in the 4×4 trucks, are managed by MPS’s project managers, IT managers and staffed by trained vehicle operators to ensure optimal functionality.


The project managed to reach 117,440 potential claimants and successfully lodged 35,005 claims across South Africa in just 18 months. The project has been halted by Parliament until processes have been reconfirmed, after which we will continue to reach those who were previously left behind during the land claims window.